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About the artwork

Artwork title

Artist: Jasmine Sarin, a proud Kamilaroi and Jerrinja woman

Artwork Story

  1. This is the central focus of the artwork. This core represents the POCT Program itself and how this is improving testing across many communities. This esentially the work of Flinders University in the training and quality of testing being conducted.
  2. These semi circles represent the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services and the Australian Government in the support, funding and committment to address the issue in communities.
  3. The ring of leaves signify the concept of healing, growing, and cleansing. The leaves also represent continuity and lasting connections.
  4. The outer circles are symbolic of the communities themselves and the other agencies and services need to engage the community. These also represent elders and those who have assisted in the health and wellbeing of community.

Artwork story